How to send bulk emails using Spring Batch

Create project

The first thing we’ll need to do is head over to and create a new application. We’ll need the following dependencies:

  • MySQL driver
  • spring data JPA
  • java mail sender
  • Lombok — optional

We’ll add the following properties to connect to our databases and email server

Configuring A Job

First, let’s create a class where we’ll configure our batch process. I’ve called mine BatchConfig. Then add these two annotations: @EnableBatchProcessing and @Configuration This is what the class looks like for now.


In the reader, we’ll read all the data from the orders table where emails have not yet been sent. We’ll use JdbcCursorItemReaderBuilder and a SQL query to fetch the data.


Here’s what the row mapper looks like. We map each column to its respective property in OrdersDTO.


In the processor, we’ll send emails for each order. We return a new instance of OrderProcessor where have the logic to send emails.

Email Sender service class

Email sender service is a component class to basically send emails. We use JavaMailSender.


Finally, we have a writer where we’ll save the updated data, ie the email_sent column has been set to true.




Software Engineer, London

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Software Engineer, London

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